Fish Meal

Fish Meal

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  • Fish Meal
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Fish meal is a commercial product mostly made from fish which commonly used for animal consumption. Fish meal obtained by drying and grinding of fish, marine mammals, crustaceans, as well as fish waste receiving after the cutting and processing of marine products to the food product.


Fish meal also came from fish oil industry after pressed and extracted the fish oil. Fish meal is one of protein and amino acid sources in animal feed particularly for Aqua feed, Fish feed and Poultry feed. Fish meal is a high lysine and methionine sources, which can not found in most vegetable. It also contain of high minerals such as Calcium and Phosphorus, High-quality fishmeal normally contains between 60% to 72% crude protein by the dry matter.


  • Animal Feed
  • Amino acid and energy contain are important to promote fast growth, feed efficiency and reduce feeding costs
  • Amino acid profile in fish meal improve egg, and meat nutrients quality
  • It also provide Amino acid balance
  • Since Amino acid and Energy in fish meal can promote animal growth, therefore animal weight gain will be increase
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