Pea Protein

Pea Protein

  • Pea Protein
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  • Light Yellow Powder
  • 90082-41-0
  • Pea Extract
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  • Dietary supplement
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Pea Protein is extracted from peas by separating the protein from the starch and fibre present within the pea. It has a high protein content of approximately 80% and has high digestibility, making it suitable as feed for young animals. Pea protein also contains high levels of essential amino acids such as lysine and can be used to supplement diets that are lacking in these essential amino acids.

Manufacturing Process

Pea Protein is commonly extracted from yellow peas, pisum sativum, and is obtained via a water-based isolation process. In this process, the outer shell is first removed via mechanical action before being grinded and milled to obtain a powder containing protein, starch, and fibre. Since pea protein is water-soluble, it is then separated from the starch and fibre via wet filtration and centrifugation.

Animal Feed

Pea protein can be used as a good source of protein and metabolizable energy in animal feed due to its high crude protein content and digestibility. It also contains lysine, an essential amino acid.

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