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Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine Anhydrous in Tradeasia


Betaine Anhydrous

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Basic Info


Colorless crystals or white granular powder

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1 @ 21 MT Flexi Bag, 21 MT / 20 FCL

Brief overview

Betaine is a metabolite formed in the body from choline. The physical appearance of betaine anhydrous is a colorless powder. Normally, this compound can be found in broccoli, grains, shellfish, algae, and spinach. Enough dietary intake of this supplement can reduce ethanol-induced hepatotoxicity. Furthermore, this supplement can be used to promote liver health and improve athletic performance.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process started from mixing the sodium carbonate with chloroacetic acid and liquid trimethylamine. The mixture was then decompressed to remove ammonia and passed through an ion exchange resin. The final mixture was decompressed again and concentrated until some crystals appearing. The final step was to cooled down the solution, centrifugalized and rinsed with ethyl alcohol, then dried to obtain betaine  anhydrous.

Pharmaceutical Industry  

Betaine is used as food supplements and dietary products, especially for athletic performance. It helps with muscle strength and is produced a lot as bolsters.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry  

Betaine in the personal care industry is used as an alternative to sulfur-based surfactants. It is used in mild personal care products such as baby shampoo as it acts effectively as an irritation mitigation agent. Betaine is also used as an emulsifier and emollient in lotion, shampoo, and skin cleanser.    

Animal Feed Industry  

Betaine can reduce the cost of animal feed as it can replace the choline chloride and add methionine in the diet with lower cost. It also helps enhance the metabolism of animals and improve their health.


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