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Deoiled rice bran

Deoiled rice bran in Tradeasia



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Basic Info


Brown Powder

Common Names

Rice bran, full-fat rice bran, defatted rice bran, de-oiled rice bran, rice pollards, rice polishings, rice mill feed


50 Kg Bag

Brief Overview

The De Oiled Rice Bran (DORB) Meal is produced when the crude oil has been extracted from rice bran. Rice bran itself is the most important rice by-product. The bran fraction contains 14-18% oil before the defatting process. DORB is widely used to prepare cattle feed, poultry feed, and fish feed. DORB are rich in many nutrients suitable for improving the health of cattle.

Manufacturing Process

The rice bran is steamed beforehand to increase the moisture. Then the rice bran formed into pellet and dried. After this point, the rice bran will undergo solvent extraction process to remove the oil.

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