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Fish Solubles

Fish Solubles in Tradeasia



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Brown Liquid

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Fish Solubles


400 @ 50 kg drum, 20 MT / 20 FCL

Brief Overview

Fish solubles are a by-product of fish oil and fish canning industries. It has a brown appearance and a semi-viscous liquid form. Fish solubles are rich in dissolved protein, vitamins, and amino acids. In aquafeed, it is used as a feed attractant and organic fertilizer. It is also used in poultry and swine feeding as a source of unidentified growth factors.

Manufacturing Process

Fish soluble is obtained from a mixture of water and oil is produced during fish processing. The mixture is then separated using centrifugation to get the oil fraction and remove the water content. Subsequently, the mixture is condensed to produce condensed fish solubles. Concentrated fish soluble proteins also obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis, filtration, concentration and dehydration of whole fish or filleting waste, containing more than 15% fat.


  • Enhance nutrition intake
  • Enhance nutrition digestion and absorption
  • Rich in protein, amino acids, and micronutrients
  • Increase feed efficiency and feed palatability
  • Excellent ingredients for aquaculture diets




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