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Bakery Meal

Bakery Meal in Tradeasia



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Light Brown Powder

Common Names

Bakery meal, dried bakery product, bakery waste, cookie meal, bread meal, biscuit meal.


25 Kg Jerrycan

Brief Overview  

Bakery meal is a by-product of dried bakery. It is a nutritious feed ingredient that contains a combination of breads, chips, crackers, cookies, cereals and other baked goods that are no longer intended for human consumption. Bakery meal is rich in fat (7-10%)  and carbohydrates (55-62% DM starch plus sugars) and might also contain a high salt content. Benefits of using bakery meal including high energy, high nutrient, and highly palatable. Bakery meal is commonly used in feeding poultry and pigs, it has also been used as an alternative for grain in feeds for many kinds of livestock.    

Manufacturing Process

In using bakery by-products for animal feeding, it has to be processed properly so a safe feed could be obtained. The problems such as animal health concerns, moisture content, and nutrient availability must be considered carefully. In the manufacturing process, the bakery meal goes through a separator to depackaging the bakery, then it is shredded. Afterward, it is dried to 90% DM for better storage. There are also other processes such as ensiling, extrusion, pelletization or silage of bakery by-products that have all been tested in order to ensure that the resulting feedstuffs are well preserved and stored.

• feed raw material 
• suitable for pigs, poultry, dairy, and beef cattle 
• rich in starch 
• source of energy


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