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Meat and bone meal (MBM)

Meat and bone meal (MBM) in Tradeasia



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Basic Info


Tan to brown, free flowing powder

Common Names

Bovine Meal


50 Kg Bag

Brief Overview

Meat and bone meal (MBM) is one of potential by-product from meat industry. It is produced by rendering the separate or whole body unsold products from slaughterhouse operations. MBM is commonly product from cattle, and swine and always combined raw material more than one species. It contain high protein, phosphor, and an important pathway for recycling of Nitrogen and Phosphor. It commonly used for feed ingredients for monogastric, and also available as organic fertilizer. Bone in Meat bone meal is an excellent source for mineral such as Calcium, and Phosphor and relatively low in fat.

Manufacturing Process

A method for producing meat and bone meal, in which raw material comprising tissue and bones is consecutively ground, cooked to a pulp, hydrolyzed, sterilized, degreased and dried. The mass of ground raw material is fed into a thin-layered boiler and hydrolyzer, in a layer of not more than 30 mm, where it is cooked to a pulp at a temperature of 180-250°C for 90-300 sec., after which said boiled and hydrolyzed product is fed into a vacuum drying unit where it is dried at a temperature of 110°C for 90 min, and then the dried product is fed to an extractor where the dried product is extracted with a hexane solvent at a temperature of 55-60°C for 45-60 min, the meat and bone meal is separated from molasses, and the meat and bone meal is dried in a toasting oven with simultaneous removal of hexane solvent vapours, which are condensed and returned to the process, wherein the molasses are separated from the hexane solvent by boiling off the hexane solvent, which is then condensed and returned to the process.


• Animal feed raw material 
• It is excellent protein source for monogastric, poultry meal, Aqua, and pet food 
• It is contain of calcium and phosphorous as mineral source for animal body 
• MBM contain of vitamin B-12 (cobalamins) which important in metabolic enzyme cofactors, therefore maximalize absorption and utilization of nutrients in the livestock body. Cattle will appear hungry and have an increased appetite. 
• Increase immune response in animal

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