• 121490
  • Light Amber, Solid Pellet
  • 84082-36-0
  • Alfalfa
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  • Energy Source

Brief Overview

Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is classified as one of the major forage crops for its nutrition. The dehydrated alfalfa contains 90% dry matter, 25% crude fiber, 17% crude protein, 10% ash, 2% calcium, and a low amount of phosphorus content. Its high content of fiber.


Manufacturing Process

Alfalfa is usually fed to livestock in the form of pellets. The processing from raw alfalfa into pellet comprises several lines of milling. The initial process is to remove the contaminant, such as rocks and metals. The contaminant-clear alfalfa is then to be ground with the hammer mill. Drying is the next process to make the moisture content reduced to 10%. The dried alfalfa is then conditioned with either steam or organic agent. The conditioned alfalfa is then fed to the pellet mill to be extruded to its fine size. The final step is screening to separate residual fines.

  • Good source of carbohydrate for livestock
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