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Dried Yellow Corn

Dried Yellow Corn in Tradeasia



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Basic Info


globular shape, finely pitted, white to light yellow in colour

Common Names

Field corn, cow corn


480 @ 50 kg PP/PE bags (One way pallets shrink wrapped), 24 MT / 20FCL

Brief Overview

Yellow corn is an important feed grain in feed milling. It is a major source of starch and energy, it can contain up to 30% protein, 60% energy and 90% starch in an animal’s diet. Yellow corn is used mostly in feeding swine and poultry. It is also claimed as a preferable animal feed to normal corn since it has well-balanced protein composition.  

Manufacturing Process

Yellow corn normally has 14-15% moisture content in it. Therefore, during the manufacturing process, yellow corn has to be dried until the moisture content is reduced to below 10%, this is more suitable to be used for high precision feed production. Yellow corn also undergoes a grinding process so it can be used as a raw material for corn meal.

•  Feed raw material  
•  Good source of micronutrient such as zinc, iron, and potassium  
•  Good source of protein

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